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Поздравления с днем рождения на английском языке с переводом в стихах

С днем рождения на английском языке: Happy birthday,Другу,Женщине,Мужчине,Подруге,

День рождения — праздник, который отмечают во всех странах мира. Поэтому порой нам приходится подбирать поздравления и пожелания на английском языке. Яркие, теплые слова и лучшие пожелания благ для англоговорящих людей станут не только приятным подарком, но и огромным сюрпризом

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Every birthday comes one a year.
So, let’s make a big party, my dear.
You will gets lot of greetings and gifts,
May the health be number one in your list.

Let yourself do everything
That you like most,
And if you will need anything,
I will be beside, you won’t be lost.

Your birthday came today,
I wish you never give up,
Always be strong and brave,
Even if you fell down — stand up.

I wish you to have a fire
Only on your birthday cake,
And all the people you admire
Be beside you. Here are your gifts — come and take.

For heaven thanks, they gave us you,
So sweet and kind-hearted.
Let be your life like tear pure,
Without problems battled.

I wish you joy and sunny day,
And dreams without barrier.
Let be your birthday always great,
And feel yourself just merry.

For God we thank, for such a friend,
Who helps without gain.
Be happy, darling, don’t be sad,
And never live in vain.

Happy birthday! Let this year
Give you luck and lots of cheer.
Probably, my close friend
You have got the card I sent
Earlier. And now I wish you
Money — yes, you need it, too.
I am sure: everybody
Likes your humor, dear buddy!
So, enjoy this day with friends—
Have much fun that never ends!

С днем рожденья! Поздравляю
Друг, тебя я и желаю
Счастья море и тепла,
Денег, радости, добра.
Пусть придет к тебе успех!
Поздравления от всех
Я послал в открытке раньше.
Мы желаем счастья — фальши
В жизни пусть твоей не будет,
Ведь никто не позабудет,
Что ты классный человек,
Что ты делаешь для всех.

Happy Birthday to You,
You are really wonderful,
Let desirable goals come true,
Taking life emotions colorful.

Let the adversity pass your life by,
Let dreams realised almost always,
And family waiting you every night,
Remember — doubt in yourself no ways!

Party comes, it’s happiness,
Having such a friend.
Never live in careless,
Never meet offend.

It’s your day, my tenderness,
Let your dreams come true.
Happy Birthday, dearest,
So admire you!

My dear lady, let today
All worries, troubles go away.
And dear friend, I say today
That I like much this charming way
You always, dear, live.
Please, lady, please, forgive
Me if you do not feel much joy.
You must for sure (yes!) enjoy
Congrats now from everybody
We wish you luck, our dear buddy!

(перевод на русский)
Дорогая подруга, невзгоды
Ты сегодня забудь. А погода
Пусть подарит немного тепла.
Я желаю тебе лишь добра,
Счастья и много везенья.
Пусть всегда же твое настроенье
Будет классным таким, как и ты.
Вот, возьми ты конфеты, цветы
И не лопни сегодня от смеха!
Радости много тебе и успеха!

Enjoyment of moments,
Live cool, little crazy.
And may your great life
Be bright and amazing.

Pleasant surprises,
May this day bring fast
What your heart desires.
Let it be at last!

“Happy birthday to you!”, — this mail is for you.
I’m writing to congratulate
The best person with this date.
Let me tell you pleasant words,
Like cheerful twittering of birds.
Today I’d like to wish you joy and luck,
I hope your troubles will come unstuck.
On this nice and splendid day,
Say “Goodbye!” to troubles and dismay.

Luck is waiting for you,
Just look ahead,
And hope glimmers,
Always in your chest.

Let people be kind
Fate is favorable,
Love by your side,
And life is comfortable.

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